Welcome to my Piano Studio Website!

You are probably here because you are thinking about piano lessons for your child or yourself. I invite you to look around and to contact me at susanne_piano@hotmail.com for further questions and to schedule a trial lesson.

I have had the privilege and joy to guide students through the journey of making and appreciating music while learning how to play the piano for almost two decades. My piano class has currently 23 students.
My inviting studio is located at the border to Berkeley in Kensington and can easily be reached from Berkeley, Albany and El Cerrito. It hosts two grand pianos and a big variety of Orff-Instruments
Since I am originally from Germany lessons can also be taught in German.

During the weekly lessons I focus on:

- note reading
- rhythmic development
- development of a wonderful sound
- phrasing
- encouragement of good practicing habits and teaching practicing tools
- ergonomic playing
- playing with others
- music theory
- music history
- music performance
- upon request: piano competition preparation

and foremost: the enjoyment of making music!

My goal is to help discover the musician in each student and evoke in her or him joy in connecting with music and a sense of pride and accomplishment regardless of beautifully playing a very simple song or a Beethoven Sonata.
My extensive background in Orff-Schulwerk allows me to also use a wide array of tools to connect each student with different types of music through the body, the senses and different artistic media.

Two student recitals per school year are offered and take place at the Berkeley Piano Club in December and June. Each student receives the opportunity to perform and to see his or her peers perform in a structured yet relaxed and supportive environment.

Please email me by clicking the button below to let me know about your specific needs and to schedule a trial lesson.

Susanne Stolcke-Antonsen  -  Piano Studio in Berkeley, CA
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